Staff Name Position Department Contacts
Adrianna Prlic SST Rm 203 (Monday to Thursday) Student Support Staff
Angela Behn Education Assistant (Noon Hour) Student Support Staff
Anita Clarke Music - Rm 109 (Thursday PM / Friday All Day) Teachers
Annette Noble School Principal Administration Email     250-729-8045
Becky Ziemanski SLP (Wednesdays) Student Support Staff
Camilla McGuire Child and Youth Care Worker (Thursdays) Student Support Staff
Carol Tuck Division 7: Grade 5 - Rm 115 Teachers
Colleen Clouthier Division 4: Grade 2 / 3 Rm 111 Teachers
Corey Vallee Custodian Custodians
Darren Caillier Aboriginal Education (Wednesdays) Student Support Staff
Debbie Sifton Education Assistant (Noon Hour) Student Support Staff
Elaine Fraser Division 6: Grade 3/4 Rm 122 Teachers
Gail Thomson Division 5: Grade 3 Rm 124 Teachers
Janet Buckland Secretary Administration 250-729-8045
Jason Faber Custodian Custodians
Julia Browning Band Rm 109 (Wednesday & Thursday AM) Teachers
Julie Kim Library Clerk Student Support Staff
Leslie Raines Division 3: Grade 1/2 Rm 120 (Monday to Thursday) Teachers
Linda Krause Division 2: Kindergarten / Grade 1 Rm 206 Teachers
Linnaea Wiseman Division 3: Grade 1 / 2 Rm 120 (Friday) Teachers
Lorne Ratzlaff Division 8: Grade 5/6 Rm 113 Teachers
Mireille Foulem Education Assistant Student Support Staff
Rick Geddes Counsellor (Tuesday & Friday AM) Student Support Staff
Sundeep Dhillon Education Assistant - First Aid Student Support Staff
Wayne Clouthier Division 9: Grade 7 Rm 201 Teachers
Wendy De Groot Division 1: Kindergarten Rm 204 Teachers